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Traditional Downeast Hospitality on Seven Bayside Acres

History of Penobscot Bay Inn

In 1900 Mary J. Low, origins unknown, sold the land on which the inn sits today, which at that time extended from what is now Route 1 to Penobscot Bay, to George R. Williamson. Under his ownership, construction of a six-bedroom cottage on the property was completed in 1902. His daughter, Emma J. Williamson, inherited the property and in 1903 sold it to Abby K. McLane. When she died, her husband, Herbert F. Cross, assumed ownership of the property and sold it to Margaret J. Wade in 1922, who in 1928 sold it to Minnie and Irving G. Barbour, then Mayor of Belfast. (Photos of the cottage during their ownership are on this page.)

The Barbours owned the property until 1940, when upon the Mayor's death, Minnie Barbour sold it to Belfast's Fenner brothers, who owned it until 1952, then sold it to Napoleon R. and Velma Wales Parkinson. The Parkinsons oversaw construction of a large barn on the premises and called the property "Dream Wold" (German for meadow or hollow). In 1970 they sold it to Robert B. and Virginia W. Coller, who turned the cottage into an inn, naming it the "Chance Along Inn."

Mr. Coller, a renowned singing instructor, hired staff with singing talent to both service the inn and give musical performances for guests in the barn. Sandwiches and lemonade were served at the performances and they quickly became very popular. He also founded a sailing school and kept a variety of sailboats at the beach on the Penobscot Bay side of the property. Many of Maine's sailors got their sea legs under Mr. Coller's tutelage.

In 1984, the Collers sold "Chance Along Inn" to Demi Stewart, who changed its name to "Penobscot Meadows Inn." In 1993 she sold it to John and Patty Lebowitz, who moved the barn to its current location and turned it into lodging, the current Field House. They renamed the inn "Belfast Bay Meadows Inn" and in 2001 sold it to Karin Kane and Richard Jensen. In 2005 Ms. Kane sold the inn to Valentinas and Kristina Kurapka, its current owners and innkeepers, who renamed it Penobscot Bay Inn.



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